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What in the world is Art Tourism?

In 2011, I visited Guatemala for a college course. I celebrated my 21st birthday there. I climbed volcanoes. I spent a day at Tikal. Was the whole trip an adventure? You bet it was. But there is more to that month-long adventure than just nature. Visiting Guatemala dropped me in the center of a society that I didn’t understand.


It was there that I Learned how much you can learn about a culture by its art.I still have paintings from that trip littering my house, reminding me not only of the places and people they represent, but also the painters who put them together.


Whether or not I realized it, this was delving into the world of art tourism. If you’ve never tried out Art Tourism, you should. If you think you haven’t, you might be surprised. You see, you don’t need the Louvre or Uffizi to take in a dose of culture. Stop into any local gallery and share a word with the owner or artist in residence. You might not buy anything, but you definitely won’t leave without something to bring home.
Check out the video below for a more in-depth discussion of Art Tourism from Youtuber ARTiculations.



ARTiculations | YouTube

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