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Why build an AT-ST? Why not?

For more than a few people, Star Wars is the biggest adventure imaginable. Spanning planets and reaching across to another galaxy, it can seem a little too big at times. At least, it can until you decide to bring it home, by building a life size AT-ST in your backyard because you can. Who would do something like that? Apparently someone who lives next a guy named “Mr. Kernish.” Yeah, not the best information but what more do you want? Live video. Fine.



As you can see, this is more than just a passing facy, this is a real life adventure seen through to the end. It’s full proof that even the wildest adventures can be made real, in one way or another. If you want more information on this, bounce over to Comic Book Resources and read their article for more.


Someone built a life-size ‘Star Wars’ AT-ST, and it’s amazing | Comic Book Resources

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