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Interplanetary Adventure


Name the most adventurous place that you can actually explore. Nepal? Antarctica? Las Vegas?   All wrong (although be sure to pack your survival supplies for the late-night Casino binge). No, the most adventurous place you can explore, courtesy of those nice guys at NASA, is Mars.   Use your …

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Bats of Bracken Cave


Afraid of bats? Then you better steer clear of Bracken Cave just outside San Antonio, TX. Cristian Dimitrius and Fran Hutchens traveled to the cave to film this short feature. It’s hard to imagine this many of the creatures hanging out in one place and even harder to imagine stumbling …

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One Cabin, Old Fashioned


There are adventures that last a day and stick with you for a lifetime. Then there are adventures that take many, many days and literally stick with you for a lifetime. Take this guy for example. He built his own log cabin the old-fashioned way.     Good on him …

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Get More Nature


Most Adventurers already know that going outside is a good time. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and even after a long day of hiking, skiing, kayaking, or even running, it’s hard not to feel good. Many people have known this to be true for years. But today, scientists are starting to …

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