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Martin’s Boat.

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Certain people completely embody the word adventure.  Litton went against the norm, and dismissed the more common use of inflatable tubes down the Colorado River and instead stuck with the Dories that he felt were the way the Grand Canyon should be traversed. Along with his famed captaining of Dories …

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Extreme Eating at Extreme Heights

The North Face Meru Expedition, 2011

    Jimmy Chin is one of the most well-known and accomplished extreme athlete/filmmakers on the planet,  routinely traversing to places and heights most people will never see. Luckily his experiences are often shared  via his photos and films. We’ll check out some of Chin’s work and travels in some …

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What in the world is Art Tourism?


In 2011, I visited Guatemala for a college course. I celebrated my 21st birthday there. I climbed volcanoes. I spent a day at Tikal. Was the whole trip an adventure? You bet it was. But there is more to that month-long adventure than just nature. Visiting Guatemala dropped me in …

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Allison Stokke: Adventure Role Model

You may remember Allison Stokke from her outburst of Internet Fame a few years back. You also may NOT have noticed what she has done since. While failing to make the 2012 London Olympics is a bummer, Stokke has stayed true to her passion and moved ever onward with her …

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